Thursday, December 22, 2011

CodeIgniter: link_tag improved

This is a custom html_helper to improve use of link_tag. Also I've added js_tag to make the same result.

For this I’ve created ‘MY_html_helper’ custom helper, so you can use easily.
Only copy file into ‘helpers’ in your project.

The functions:





// Change css/main.css -> css/main.css?{mtime} -> css/main.css?12342343 automaticaly.
echo link_tag(‘css/main.css’);
echo js_tag(‘js/system.js’);

Download link_tag improved

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Krusader Filemanager

Simply krusader is the best file manager that I've tried.
In my work I need use a file manager like total commander for linux, but the most aren't fully useful.

Always I used Filezilla because it has the features that I needed, but now I need:
  • Sync-browse mode
  • Compare directories and files
  • Manage Samba, FTP, local files
  • Manage FTP accounts
  • Filter files quickly
  • Add user commands
  • Manage tabs
  • keyboard usable
  • Advanced configuration
And Krusader achieve these requirements.

Some problems and solutions

I've had two problems using krusader.

Doesn't save FTP passwords

  1. Install KDE Wallet
  2. Create new Wallet
Is not possible manage bookmarks